Plans for the 2021 Love Local Trust Local Awards are nearly finalised. We have spent time looking at categories and listening to feedback following the success of our inaugural awards in 2020. We are opening the awards up so that Dorset companies of any size can enter some categories and we are adding categories to fully encompass all that is produced in Dorset, well all that is consumable! The 2021 LLTL Awards will be a true celebration of Dorset Food & Drink!

The long awaited Brexit has brought change to the food industry to our farmers and to our fishermen. No matter what side of the fence we were on, we are waiting for the dust to settle and we are hearing both positive and negative reports so far. All of us at LLTL HQ hope that regardless of legislation the championing of British Food, British Farming and British Fishing can only get better!

If there is one positive to be gained from the Covid-19 pandemic may it be that we all have a better understanding of where our food & drink comes from, the importance of traceability and the importance of feeding our families fresh, healthy produce. Buying “local” is definitely best! Not only are you supporting a local business and therefore your local economy, but you are also helping the environment! The less miles your food travels to get to your plate the better for us all.

The Love Local Trust Local journey started in 2018 with a label for Dorset food you can trust, to promote quality, honesty and proximity in all the food and drink that we buy and consume. Barbara Cossins explained, “We want to put consumer trust back into buying local, Dorset food with genuine provenance and full traceability”.

The Love Local Trust Local label assures the consumer –

  • This food has been grown with love & care and to the highest ethical standards
  • This food has transparent and full provenance and complete traceability
  • This food has been produced with the main ingredients sourced from less than 30 miles of its’ origin
  • This food fosters community spirit & is good for our overall environment

We are looking forward to announcing the 2021 Love Local Trust Local Award categories in our next issue! In the meantime, stay safe, stay local and don’t forget to buy local and look out for the LLTL label!