Love Local Trust Local 2021 Awards Opening Soon!

Our wonderful Love Local Trust Local brand was founded in 2018 with the awards launched in 2020, with the overarching goal being to celebrate and promote quality, honesty and proximity in local food and drink producers in Dorset. Our concept has always been to truly celebrate farmers, fishermen and other local food and drink producers, but at the same time, we wanted to really help the public understand how, where, and why it is great to shop local.

Why Love Local Trust Local?

Back in 2018 we were hearing that the public were seemingly losing trust in the facts around food production. With a number of significant organistions claiming to protect both the farmer and the consumer, news headlines were telling a different story; exposing mis-labelling meat products as beef when they were in fact pork, or knowingly mislabeling meat reared in Europe as British meat* has created a real sense of mistrust and left the consumer feeling like the wool has been pulled over their eyes.

As a fifth-generation farming family with the benefit of experience on our shoulders, we observed that organisations of significance, such as supermarkets, Red Tractor and the like, weren’t acting with the sense of duty they may have intended. We wanted to really use our generations of knowledge and experience in farming, food production and hospitality, to help build awareness and education around hot topics such as food labelling, food traceability and beyond, to better support the farmers and food producers, whilst helping to educate and inform the consumer.

Enter, the Love Local Trust Local Awards! Our categories include meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, drinks, condiments and other food and drink specific categories. But we are also advocating for, innovation and diversification, and conservation and sustainability.

How to Enter the Love Local Trust Local 2021 Awards

Our awards attract applicants who are passionate about their produce and wish to share their story. This is a great opportunity for these producers to gain exposure, reach new customers, build trust and credibility for their business, and help other local producers achieve the same.

If you qualify and would like to apply for the Love Local Trust Local Awards 2021, please set a reminder in your diary; we are open for entries from Monday 28th June 2021 through to Monday 27th September 2021, closing at 5pm. To check your business qualifies, and to prepare your entry, simply click here.

If you wish to enter more than one award, you must submit a separate application for each subsequent category. The Love Local Trust Local Awards are free to enter, however please be aware that applicants will need to provide samples of products for judging purposes.

Our Fantastic Sponsors and How to Get Involved!

On a final note, before we start our countdown to launch this years’ awards, Love Local Trust Local are proudly sponsored by local businesses who are passionate about the cause. Without support from these fantastic organisations, running our awards would not be possible. To learn more about our sponsors click here.

If you wish to become a sponsor of the awards, you can find a full list of great reasons to support this stand-out local event here. Working with Love Local Trust Local will help you raise your local profile. You will sponsor a particular award and will be invited to join the judging panel on the big day.

We’ll be including our sponsors in our PR and social media campaigns over the coming months, plus you will be firmly ticking that Corporate and Social Responsibility box, by becoming an early adopter of this fabulous local cause. You too, will be championing the environmental, social, economic and health benefits of buying local produce.

So if you would like enter your business for the Love Local Trust Local 2021 Awards, join our sponsors in supporting this great concern, or simply want to show your support for local food and drink producers, please do follow along On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or by checking back here for more updates.

We cannot wait to get the Love Local Trust Local 2021 Awards underway! It promises to be a summer of celebration and education and we are here for it!

* Lidl sued by Launceston butchers over ‘deceptive branding’ in similar product name – Plymouth Live (
* Tesco faces legal threat over marketing its food with ‘fake farm’ names | Farming | The Guardian