How checking your food labels supports our British Farmers

We know only too well that you’re all busy people, running around holding down jobs, managing your homes, your families and the food budget. Your time is precious and in short supply.

When you’re pushing your trolleys around the supermarkets you definitely don’t have time to check the details of the labels of everything you pick up. The shame in this is that supermarkets have very clever marketing ploys. At a quick glance the packaging looks totally home produced from somewhere here in England, but turn it over and it’s a very different story, the same label but with the contents coming from a whole host of different countries. The Union Jack is only on there on the odd occasion, what a travesty.

Only recently I was talking with an important UK food body about food labelling.

In fact we talked so much that I struggled to finish my lovely plate of (local) food as I was so excited about talking about my passion for honest food labelling.

The gentleman I was talking to mentioned how sad he felt when he discovered that the fresh herbs in his fridge – parsley, basil and coriander – were all from mainland Europe and not home-grown. Complete madness.

This is the growing season. There is no good reason for us to be importing these basic herbs from abroad when we grow them on UK soil ourselves. What are we doing? We could be growing them in little pots on our window sills and cutting down on food miles, helping the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and enjoying the pleasure of home grown herbs that are packed with more flavour and use no packaging.

It’s important that we appreciate the different seasons and know what is growing and produced at certain times of the year, as then we know what is available to us and at less expense too. Here on the family farm in the Tarrant Valley we’ve been busy getting in the winter feed, grass silage which is picked and made into hay, so that we can feed all our animals over winter time. This is good for them, for us and for our environment.

So my message to you all at this time of year, is please check your labels when buying from the major supermarkets, eat as fresh as possible and look at what is in season as you will be amazed at what is being grown on our own doorstep.