We in hospitality play a major role in the economy.

Never before has it been so important to highlight how fragile our industry is as right now.

Unmanageable energy costs, soaring inflation, I don’t know if we will be able to weather the coming months if it gets much harder. The hospitality industry is unique, our British pubs are at the heart of their local towns & communities. I think the true value of this is greatly undervalued.

Right now it’s about trying to hold our nerve and not make any hasty decisions and adapt our businesses to what’s going on in the world at the moment. As well as that, we need to look after our long serving, loyal, hard-working staff who have been with us for many years. In hospitality you spend long unsociable hours together and we become a family. We all look after each other and that’s how it should be.

The mild weather this autumn has helped keep the customers coming in to eat & drink. I’m sure this is because we all haven’t used as much heating and electricity to keep warm as we thought we would. The temperatures have been so mild compared to what they should be for this time of year. I’d be lying though if I didn’t say I’m dreading the cold weather coming as I’m sure people will stop coming out when there are higher bills to pay back at home.

I’m hoping that the Langton Arms has the bigger heart that will help it prosper. It’s about the people and human interaction, mixing with others is still the most important factor when going to the pub and that can never be replaced by modern technology or artificial intelligence. We are real people after all.

What is interesting is the surveys that have been done since the pandemic show that 84% of us Brits have changed their socialising night-out habits, people are coming out earlier & finishing their nights earlier too.

Christmas bookings are coming in and I’m hopeful of a good December. We always try and offer good value and quality food on people’s plates which is what I think people are looking for more than ever this year. Christmas 2022 is set to be quite a celebration with the industry preparing for the first normal festive period we have seen since 2019. So don’t be a couch potato at home! Come and see us & make us all feel loved and cared for as we work to serve you.

Yes we can’t complete with the big supermarket prices, especially on alcohol but we always have a smile on our faces. We will do the washing up and the cleaning and that’s something to celebrate.

Love your local and support it or as the saying goes, use it or lose it and no one wants that.

Happy Christmas all!