Well I don’t know about you but I was so proud of being a Dorset girl, watching a Dorset boy in the finals of Master Chef: The Professionals. Charlie Jeffreys was a runner up, what a great achievement! Seeing him showcasing wonderful crab and lobster from our shores and lots more loveliness from his Dorset upbringing, he was so proud of his roots. This was why Love Local Trust Local was founded in 2018 to help tell the wonderful stories of local businesses, new ones as well as old ones, right here in Dorset. November and December have been busy months for the sponsors and judges, as they have been out visiting the LLTL 2022 awards entries and hearing first-hand the journeys of these businesses.

At Love Local Trust Local we want to help Dorset businesses promote their produce and support them when needed. It’s very tough at the moment out there in all areas of business, and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to be any easier in 2023. We all need to stick together and feel part of something that we can grow and connect with. No matter where you are, if you need someone to help, we are all part of the love local family.

On the 9th February our 2nd in-person awards ceremony (the first one in 2020 was virtual due to covid) will be held at Kingston Maurward, our very own agricultural college in Dorchester. It’s a night to celebrate our wonderful producers, farmers and fishermen who are working hard, creating and working together to make some of the best produce in England. We look forward to showcasing our 2022 award winners soon! On the evening, there will be a dinner followed by the award ceremony. If you would like to come and support our evening or if you would like to get involved and be part of this growing family please contact us on 07831 184920.

There is so many wonderful businesses on our doorstep and their stories need to be told. Advertising and social media, it’s hard work and expensive, especially for the small independent businesses who are trying to make a living to put themselves out there and get themselves known. We need a voice to stand up to these big organisations who dictate our prices and make the money whilst our producers struggle to make ends meet.

We are so lucky here in Dorset, as we have some of the best produce of the country so let’s all get behind our local businesses that need your support to keep them going, growing and producing for our tables.

We should all be buying local, it’s better for our planet, keeps the carbon footprint down and is more sustainable. Love local trust local!