Another week and another food scandal. This time it`s apples. German ones labelled up by a major supermarket chain as British. A mistake they say, this doesn`t normally happen they say. Sorry folks, we have seen this too many times to believe it anymore.

Spotted by a British farmer, he posted it onto a farming forum and the story was quickly picked up by Farmer`s Weekly as it is far from the first time that this has happened and the British farming community have had enough and want answers.

The apples were part of the Red Tractor scheme that has also been in trouble before over this issue. Part of the reason we set up Love Local Trust Local back in 2018 was precisely because so Open Farm Sunday visitors that year, told us they had lost faith in the Red Tractor label.

So what can we do to help stop this happening and support our British farmers better? Firstly, look at the labels properly before we buy items that are already packaged; secondly, take photos of any items that are wrongly labelled and send them to someone like NFU or Farmer`s Weekly or to us here at LLTL and we can take it up and thirdly, when at all possible, buy unpacked fruit & vegetables from our local farm shops and small, independent businesses as then you know where they are coming from.

We all need to do our best to buy British as much as possible. Supporting our home economy, our local farmers and food producers can only be a good thing. Love Local Trust Local.